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    21 Animal Memes That Are So Relatable, They'll Give You A Gigglegasm

    Just some chonky bois and fluffy gals doing their thing.

    1. When things never go as planned.

    2. But you accept reality anyway.

    3. When you encounter too much cuteness.

    4. And when regret is all you feel.

    5. When you love to prove them all wrong.

    6. When you are clear on your priorities.

    7. When you realize you're too basic.

    8. When you use social networking sites for the right reasons.

    9. When you find meaning in the futility of life.

    10. When yelling is the only way to shut up a chronic interrupter.

    11. When it is a season of mix and match!

    12. When you're incapable of saying "I am sorry".

    13. When your brain crashes and you ignore the obvious.

    14. When self-love is paramount for a happy life.

    15. When they refuse to heed your warning.

    16. When they force you to be a bitter biscuit.

    17. When gatecrashers are too rowdy to be unnoticeable.

    18. When you struggle to respectfully stop them from flirting with you.

    19. When you end up in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    20. When you're compelled to act all grown up.

    21. And when you realise that animals are better at love than any of us.

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