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    In Meme-Orium: 20 Indian Memes That Made 2020 Worth It

    Ek chutkle ki keemat, tum kya jaano Corona Babu?

    1. When the only good thing about this sheeeeeeeit year was the meme fest that rolled out.

    2. When this caller tune started killing us before the virus could.

    3. When animals were left confused because of our sudden absence.

    4. When nature started healing.

    Because of no pollution, I can see Burj Khalifa from Noida today. Nature is healing.

    5. When our sob-stories were limited to phone and video calls.

    6. When we attempted this out of peer pressure.

    7. When our only form of exercise was walking from fridge to door.

    When food delivery guy has reached but you have to go to society's gate to collect due to covid restrictions

    8. When the age-old battle between nerds and popular kids ended.

    In classrooms we had backbenchers, what do you have in online classrooms now?

    9. When numbness stopped us from counting months.

    10. When we celebrated Diwali twice this year.

    11. When Sonu gave us reasons to grin from ear to ear.

    @ZomatoIN Professor : For theory exam, roll number 1-65 will sit in lecture hall 1 and 66-130 will sit in lecture hall 2. Me, roll no 65, with multiple parchis/ farras in my pocket :

    12. When we recreated these legendary moves.

    #Cuddalore Police coffin dance awareness. Our #TamilNadu police rock when it comes to new trends! Amazing πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ #StayAtHome #StaySafe @PoliceTamilnadu @DadaAwu #Corona #COVID19

    13. When Seema Aunty gave us existential crisis.

    14. When the nation wanted to know whodunnit.

    1 crore rupees for KBC - Kokila Ben Cooker related question.

    15. When this line refused to vacate our heads.

    16. When this brilliant chap transcended every dimension of existence.

    #binod Comment section on every social media platforms -

    17. When apps were X-ed out for sweet revenge.

    Govt. bans Tik Tok Carryminati right now

    18. When pandemic babies became the latest trend amongst celebs.

    #virushka Indian cricket team in Corona crisis :

    19. When we realized "Kya karu main mar jaaun?" and "Merko feelings nahi hai?" were the most pertinent questions raised in this century.

    Vegetarians right now: Tuadda Pulao, Biryani! Sadda Pulao, Pulao?

    20. And just when we thought we've reached the last lap, we got hit by this.

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