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    13 Spooky Places In India You Wouldn't Want To Visit After Sunset

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    1. Bonacaud Bungalow β€” Trivandrum, Kerala

    What's the story? Set amidst a sprawling tea plantation, the bungalow was owned by a British couple during the Raj era. Their kids apparently died under mysterious circumstances, and the grief-stricken parents later decided to return to London. Several people have reported hearing anguished screams of children, and having seen the spirit of a young boy wandering during zero hours.

    2. Jatan Nagar Palace β€” Dhenkanal, Odisha

    What's the story? Popularly known as "The Palace of Pain", it was built by a psychopathic prince named Narasingh Pratap. The cruel sovereign had even built special torture cells in his 100-roomed palace where he used to regularly torment his slaves. On the day of the palace's inauguration, he even intended to behead his architect, but was stopped at the last minute by his brother who had then persuaded everyone to ditch the ill-omened palace. Since then this abandoned stately home is believed to be the haunted residence of many sorrowful souls.

    3. Quila House β€” Patna, Bihar


    What's the story? A private residential house, on the banks of Ganga, is known for its frequent paranormal activities happening at its in-house Jalan Musuem. Many have reported seeing a woman in a white robe roaming the museum's corridors. Not much is known except the white lady is often heard pleading for refuge in the house.

    4. Malcha Mahal β€” Chanakyapuri, New Delhi


    What's the story? Hidden within the dense forest of Chanakyapuri is a Tughlaq era hunting lodge called Malcha Mahal, where numerous journalists have gone missing and many have spotted unsightly occurrences in the forest. Built in 1600 AD, the palace was taken over by Begum Wilayat, the great-granddaughter of Nawab Wajid Ali Shah, who killed herself in 2008 after consuming crushed diamonds in her drink. The last pauper prince of Malcha Mahal, Prince Ali Raza, was also recently was found dead in the palace.

    5. Dow Industrial Complex β€” Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh


    What's the story? This doomed industry is known for 1984's Bhopal Gas Tragedy. No one dares to enter this dilapidated building anymore as many can still make out the piercing screams of hapless victims in the dead of night.

    6. Morgan House Tourist Lodge β€” Kalimpong, West Bengal

    What's the story? Previously built as a chalet in the 1930s by George Morgan, this lodge is believed to be haunted by the ex-owner's wife, Lady Morgan, who apparently met with a mysterious death. One can often hear the clacking of her heels in the hall. Also, there have been several claims of residents seeing her apparition in the bathroom mirrors.

    7. St. John the Baptist Church β€” Andheri, Mumbai


    What's the story? This 500-century-old church was abandoned after an epidemic hit in 1840. Some onlookers have professed seeing a bride in white ambling by the pond while others have caught glimpses of a terrifying witch.

    8. Ramoji Film City β€” Hayathnagar, Hyderabad


    What's the story? The famed studio is believed to be a cursed haunting ground. Spotboys pushed to death in past, stuntmen have been injured plenty of times, and many have even claimed to see strange marks in the dressing room's mirror. Some presume the film city was constructed on the war grounds of Nizam Sultans.

    9. Barog Tunnel β€” Shimla, Himachal Pradesh


    What's the story? At the failure of being unable to complete the construction Tunnel No. 33 on the Shimla-Kalka railway, Captain Barog went into depression and committed suicide. Even though the tunnel was built later, his spirit is still thought to haunt this place.

    10. Three Kings Chapel β€” Cansaulim, Goa


    What's the story? Three Portuguese kings were buried in this chapel centuries ago, after they poisoned one another over their greed for controlling new regions. From then on, many have noted their spirits wandering aimlessly on the chapel ground.

    11. Dumas Beach β€” Surat, Gujarat


    What's the story? There have been several incidents where strollers have disappeared, and strange mutterings have been heard by wayfarers. It's supposed by many that since the beach was used as a Hindu burial ground, countless spirits tend to dwell here.

    12. Kuldhara Village β€” Jaisalmer, Rajasthan


    What's the story? Established in the 13th century, the cursed town was abandoned overnight after Salim Singh, the wicked Diwan of Jaisalmer, fell in love with the beautiful daughter of the village chief. Following this ominous event, the town has remained a wasteland where ghosts apparentlylurk at night.

    13. Bhangarh Fort β€” Alwar, Rajastha


    What's the story? Some claim a saint cursed its rulers for building a palace so tall that it cast shadows on his house. Others mention a cruel wizard, who fell in love with a charming princess, and tried to drug her with a love potion. When she found out about his scheme, threw away the bowl and pushed a boulder rolling towards the wizard, crushing him to death. No one knows the veracity of these legends, however, this creepy fort is prohibited for visitors after 6 p.m.

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