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    15 Kitchen Fails That'll Bring Out Your Inner Gordon Ramsay

    They were just 1,000 light years away from perfection.

    1. This zombie-approved Donald Trump:

    2. This spooky omelette:

    3. And this almost one-eyed kitty:

    4. This yummilicious French Toast:

    5. This constipated monkey cake:

    6. These heartbreaking Spongebob-Patrick cookies:

    7. These petrified apple turkeys:

    8. These devil-egg chicks:

    9. This not-at-all charred pizza:

    10. Or hot dog:

    11. These depressed ninjas:

    12. This pregnant bunny bread:

    13. This cake that looks more like a piranha than a shark:

    14. This globe that reminds you of the apocalypse:

    15. And this realistic pancake: