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13 Quirks Only A Jabalpuriya Knows To Be True

Fact: We're not North Indians or South Indians. But Central Indians, dammit.

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1. You'll frequently hear the phrase "Apan Log".

California Milk

2. And "Chal, Gwarighat chalte hai!"

Jasse Oberoi / Via

3. You'll end up pandal-hopping during Navratri till you drop dead...

4. ...then end up feeling this after the festivities.

The Jabalpuriya / Via Facebook: iamjabalpuriya

5. You'll spend hours perfecting your next Instagram at Jamtara Railway Station.

If only the place was this empty.
Sandeep's Photography

If only the place was this empty.

6. You'll happily risk tripling without wearing helmets, even when you know you can get busted by the cops.

7. Not pizza or biryani, but poha and jalebi are your official bae.

The Jabalpuriya / Via Facebook: iamjabalpuriya

8. You'd never think of leaving without demanding an extra sukhi phulki.

The Hindu Business Line / Via

9. You're ready to battle your way through a sea of scooters and humans just to shop in Ganjipura.

Four Square / Via

10. You won't mind spending hours just gaping at the Shiva’s idol in Kachnar City.

Sandeep Gangadharan / Via Flickr: sandeepak

11. You're good at not losing your shit when you see roads teeming with cows.

Hindustan Times

12. You can visualize Kareena’s “Raat ka Nasha” while boating through Marble Rocks.

Dreamz Unlimited / Via

13. And you get chills each time you see a daredevil taking a leap of faith off the Dhuandhar Falls.

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