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    11 Times Trevor Noah Was The Most Fuckinilarious Host Of All Time

    Dropping verbal bombs like confetti.

    1. When just his expressions were enough to crack us up.

    2. When he couldn't hide his adoration for the former president.

    3. When he couldn't contain his jealousy.

    4. When he couldn't resist pointing out stupidity...

    5. Or hypocrisy.

    6. When he explained the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica scandal.

    7. When he made us realise how ridiculous Trump's tweets got.

    8. Or the time when he suggested Trump needed an ass-whooping to become a better person.

    9. When he was salty AF...

    10. When couldn't stop dissing the Prez for his shitty memory.

    11. And when he shaded the media over its frivolous content.