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Making Dinner With What’s In The Fridge: A Simple Solution For Busy Days

Dinner is an important meal time of the day. In many families all members gether at this time. So, lady of the house want to cook something delicious and favorite of all. Sometimes in busy days this is quite difficult to manage. In this situation what you can do, get ideas from this article.

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Coming home after a day's long labor and mental work load with an empty growling stomach sounds very much relate able but finding an empty fridge upon arrival is a very different story! Empty fridge doesn't necessarily means a solely washed up fridge, but more like not having a plate of home cooked meal or even leftovers from last night, It's a definite nightmare.

For those of us who think pizza is a legitimate fix to every problem might find the empty fridge situation very much of a cup of tea but for those of us who love home cooked meals and try maintaining a healthy lifestyle by clean eating, this scenario is havoc. But don't worry! There is always a fix to every problem.

Let's start with your beautiful cabins. What have you stocked those cabins with? On a general observation basis, most of the household cabins hold a vast amount of canned foods and snacks including;

> Canned Tuna

> Smoked salmon

> Beef Jerky

> Dried fruits and nuts

> Pickles

> Ready To cook noodles

> Pasta

> Bread

> Cookies

> Many sauces

Now that we are passed that, let's move towards the deep freezer, for a more vast insight on our approach to cook a healthy meal. Mostly freezer would have ;

> Frozen Meat including Chicken, beef, mutton

> Frozen vegetables including Peas and other greens

> Frozen deli meat

> Cheese

> Ice cream (of course!)

Now that we have an insight on what's in the pantry, it's time to weigh our options since we don't want to visit the grocery store because it's a hectic task to plan and buy at the store after coming home with all your muscles screaming for rest. It's human nature to leap for the easiest when in a hassle or tired, so we have to come up with something easy yet comforting and tasty to satisfy the hunger monster.

Many cuisines around the globe offer tons of simple ans tasty comfort food, that require minimum ingredients and fraction of an effort. And due to the diversity of the continental taste, you'll love eating the food that you put up without even getting out of your pajamas!

American Cuisine:

American cuisine is famous for it's wide array of delectable comfort food that you can whip up on a rainy day with literally no cooking skill on hand, and enjoy a hearty meal. You can have a;

> Grilled chicken salad (Made with the canned sauces, frozen greens and chicken)

> Mashed potatoes and Steak (Made with the Frozen beef and pantry potatoes)

> Grilled Cheese ( Made with the bread and cheese in the fridge)

> Ice cream sandwich (Made with Cookies and Ice cream in your pantry)

Asian Cuisine:

Asian cusine holds a vast range of flavors when it comes to comfort foods and using whatever is available on the spot. You can make;

> Paratha roll (Made with forzen parathas filled with veggies and cheese)

> Chicken Ramen (Made with sauteed chicken and ready to cook noodles)

> Mince meat toasties (Made with mince meat and bread, prepped in the toastie)

Italian Cuisine:

Italian cuisine is been always about using the most minimalist approach to deliver great flavors and satisfy the taste buds. You can cook;

> Veggie Pasta (Made from the pasta and frozen veggies)

> Alfredo pasta (Made from the pasta and cheese)

> Mac n Cheese (Made from the pasta and the cheese)

Choices are as many as you'd like to have. All you need to do is pick and implement. Just don't let the spirit die and you'll have a hot plate on your table, no matter what's in the fridge next time!

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