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    • ambers57

      I have had multiple boxes for extended periods to get a fair feel for the box. The subscriptions I have kept are: glossybox, ipsy, sample society & julep . The boxes are pretty consistent & values are easily checked. I have definitely started using some new products I love because of these boxes. A warning on Wantable, I was initially very happy with all three of their subscription boxes, however, the quality has diminished. Frankly, my expectations were not unrealistically high, I mean in I recognize $36 and you are not going to get some crazy high end products. However, I received my Dec accessories box today, first the ring was the exact same I had received last month. The necklace, meh, I received almost the identical one in silver last month as well. The real kicker was the head band. It was the one product that did have a manufacture (Pin and Tube) listed so I went to the website. The headband I received retails for $6.00, on the Wantable invoice it is listed as $24?! I have already canceled my makeup box subscription, returned my Nov intimates box because of quality and will now return my Dec box. I plan on canceling all three. I understand that I would have not/may not love every box but it would appear there is some deceptive practices in the valuing of items in the box.

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