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    • amberl28

      I love all the people on hear that are saying things like, “do the crime do the time” or “she broke the law and as much asIdislike it, she needs to be punished”. Such bullshit folks! I’m sure your time in high school was all about abstinence right? The 18 year old boys weren’t screwing the sophomores, and the slutty freshmen chicks weren’t screwing the 19 and 20 year olds right out of high school.Iunderstand the point about the law being the law, and on all sides that law is ridiculous. For example in Texas the law states that the age of consent is 17. That means that when your 17 year old asshole son decides to talk my 16 year old daughter into having sex,Ican put your family this same situation. It’s as bright as the sky that they are exploiting the current law in order to get revenge for their daughter beingalesbian. The sad thing is the parents will receive full recourse on this as their daughter will still be gay, but who knows where she will end up after this.Iliterally didafist pump after reading this! With the help of her supporting family she stood up for herself and where it might not be apparent now, she will be rewarded.

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