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    "Hockey Wives" Is What Happens When Real Housewives Meets Canadian Television

    The puck drops here.

    According to every beer, Oreo and Tim Hortons' commercial, you can't get much more Canadian than hockey. So naturally...

    May we present: Hockey Wives.

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    The new reality show from Canada is being described as Hockey meets The Real Housewives.

    Much like Housewives, there are confessionals.

    Plenty of eye rolls.

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    Oh no she di-n't.

    And straight-up celebrity appearances.

    Recognize Noureen DeWulf from Anger Management? She's married to Vancouver Canucks goalie Ryan Miller.

    (Noureen's hair is basically always perfect.)

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    Even first thing in the morning, or while making dinner.

    Some wives have to explain their husband's jobs.

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    But who's the real enforcer in this relationship?

    While others defend their honour.

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    Being sent down to the minors is the pits. But being sent to Canada instead of sunny LA is actually the worst.

    They perform "wifely" duties.

    Hockey players are on the road too much to cook anyhow.

    And make sure their families are in line.

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    With four kids we expect no less, Nicole. Hopefully LA Kings hubby Dustin Brown feels the same?

    And fill their time with hobbies.

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    It's not like you can take a big dog on the road, right?

    Some of them have too much money, perhaps.

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    Like, way too much money.

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    But, at the end of the day, these ladies are really there for one another.

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    And nothing beats bonding over a staged Hockey Wives dinner party, amirite?

    Hockey Wives airs Wednesday nights at 10 p.m. ET.

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