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    This Is What Life In The Happiest City In Canada Is Like

    Welcome to Sudbury, Ontario.

    Welcome to the happiest city in Canada: Sudbury, Ontario.

    According to a report by Stats Canada, the 160,000 residents who live here are the happiest residents in the country.

    Forty-five percent of the city's population put their overall life satisfaction at a 9 or 10.

    Apparently, Sudbury is happytown. #sudbury #LaurentianU

    That's way higher than Toronto and Vancouver, which placed dead last.

    And, as it turns out, there seem to be a plethora of reasons to be happy in a place like this.

    Here are some factoids about Sudbury and how we suspect they've created some of the happiest Canadians in the world. (Take notes, everyone else.)

    1. They have some of the most beautiful scenery in Ontario.

    Twitter: @GreaterSudbury

    That's what happens when you're perched on Ramsey Lake.

    2. In fact, Sudbury is home to a whopping 330 Lakes.

    Twitter: @kristyrousseau

    Much better than a backyard swimming pool, no?

    3. Which means year-round fishing.

    4. Lakes aside, Sudbury boasts the breathtaking Onaping Falls.

    Twitter: @amela_ca

    Niagara, eat your heart out.

    5. Their public art inspires self confidence.

    6. It's home to a massive underground science lab, located 2km below the Vale Creighton Mine.

    SNOLAB specializes in neutrino and dark matter physics. Cool, eh?

    7. The community really knows how to celebrate the smaller and simpler things in life.

    This nine-metre-wide "Big Nickel" has been around since 1964.

    8. Did we mention that they have an amazing skyline?

    9. And not even a 1,250-foot tall smoke stack could ruin the view.

    10. They hold an annual "Ugliest Schoolyard Contest" to inspire bettering the environment.

    Each year since 2005, the winning school is given thousands of dollars for re-greening projects.

    11. They even honour Earth Day by gathering the community and sharing stories in a teepee.

    12. Commuting is never an issue in this town.

    @BiggerSudbury #whyIlovesudbury A short 10 min drive to work leaves more time to spend with friends and family.

    my commute is a 10 minute walk - and 10 minutes the other way takes me to a beautiful park and beach #whyIlovesudbury #IloveDowntownSudbury

    This has got to be the reason they're happier than Torontonians at least.

    13. Which means everyday chores and morning routines can actually be tolerable.

    Twitter: @ImaWideman

    This is not an image we'd ever see in TO or Vancouver.

    14. When they do have to drive somewhere, they might get to take this Bridge of Nations.

    Twitter: @Naughtonboy

    One more way the town inspires a sense of local, national, and international community.

    15. Calming and quiet trails like these (which are also good for snowshoeing) are right in their backyards.

    16. The Bell Park Walkway is one of the top tourist destinations on that side of Ontario.

    Twitter: @LarsonHeinonen

    Few boardwalks can actually boast being open year-round.

    17. Taxidermy animals and all, they truly know how to cheer for their home teams — in the cutest and quirkiest Sudbury way.

    Really, who wouldn't be happy here?

    Twitter: @carlymack12

    Stay happy, Sudbury! You've set the standard pretty high.