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"Bubble Soccer" Comes To Canada And We Can't Wait To Try It

Bubble boy, eat your heart out.

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Spring is upon us, and while it might be a little too muddy to start enjoying evening soccer games just yet, you're going to want to get out to try this weird new sport.

Canada, are you ready for it?


And it seems like a great way to practise gymnastics moves.

Bubble Soccer is the hilariously brutal-yet-safe future of full-contact sports.

Now that's a 10.


It was once a Norwegian thing from a sports show, but quickly came to the rest of Europe, U.S., and now Canada. FINALLY CANADA.

Flickr Creative Commons / Via Flickr: tamuc

The sport that's being touted as "Sumo Meets Soccer" has been around certain provinces like Ontario, and B.C. since last year, but now it's available even in P.E.I. and Yellowknife, too. There are even tournaments being held throughout the country.

What are you waiting for? Happy smashing! / Via