32 Amazing DIY Costumes That Prove Halloween Is Actually Meant For Teens

Why buy when you can DIY?

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2. Sugary Sweet Cotton Candy / Via

Talk about having a sweet tooth!

Find instructions here.

5. Bring on the excellence as Wayne and Garth / Via

Party on! Find instructions here.

7. Candy Crush It / Via

Get your game on.

Find instructions here.

8. Mapquest It

Show them location really is everything.

10. Dora The Explorer

No chance of anyone swiping this look!

12. Social Squad

Snapchat the whole thing to make the circle complete.

16. Beanie Babies / Via

Priceless plushies for a fraction of the retail price.

Find instructions here.

23. Louise of "Bob's Burgers"

Quirky sense of humor not required.

25. Bath Pouf

Get showered with sweet treats!

Find instructions here.

30. Cheetah Girls / Via

Purrrfectly understated for a full day of class.

Find instructions here.