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    Updated on Sep 2, 2020. Posted on Sep 28, 2015

    32 Amazing DIY Costumes That Prove Halloween Is Actually Meant For Teens

    Why buy when you can DIY?

    1. Lisa Frank Spotty Dotty Dalmation

    Studio DIY / Via

    Playful take on a cult classic.

    Find instructions here.

    2. Sugary Sweet Cotton Candy

    3. Classic Carrie Bradshaw

    Is it a costume or an outfit? Keep them guessing. Find instructions here.

    4. Mini-skirted Minion Perfection

    Bethany Mota / Via

    Bee-doh so cute in this get up!

    Find the instructions here.

    5. Bring on the excellence as Wayne and Garth

    6. Gather the gang and do your best "Bad Blood"

    Dare anyone to step to your squad.

    Find instructions here.

    7. Candy Crush It

    8. Mapquest It

    9. Pineapple Perfection

    Simple and easy last-minute look.

    Find instructions here.

    10. Dora The Explorer

    11. House of Cards

    Queen of hearts goes modern glam. Find instructions here.

    12. Social Squad

    13. Gumball Machine

    Chew on all the compliments about your creativity.

    Find instructions here.

    14. Super Hero Extravaganza / Via

    To-tulle-y saving the world in style.

    Find instructions here.

    15. Playful Pinatas

    Commence candy collecting.

    Find instructions here.

    16. Beanie Babies

    17. Frozen Favorite

    LaurDIY / Via

    It's just so hard to "let it go". Find instructions here.

    18. Rock, Paper, Scissors

    Grab some girlfriends and game on!

    Find instructions here.

    19. Butt-kicking Katniss

    President Snow doesn't have a chance.

    Find instructions here.

    20. Sponge Bob and Patrick / Via

    Cook up some krabby patties with your bestie.

    21. Feathery Flamingo / Via

    Here's hoping Halloween falls on a Wednesday.

    Find instructions here.

    22. Selfie Game Strong


    Find instructions here.

    23. Louise of "Bob's Burgers"

    24. Winnie the Pooh and Friends

    The gang in Hundred Acre Woods just got cuter.

    25. Bath Pouf

    26. Glamorous Holly Golightly

    The Joy Of Fashion Blog / Via

    A fresh take on a Hollywood icon. Find instructions here.

    27. Dynamic Duo–Daria and Jane

    The MTV generation will get a kick out of seeing a fan favorite brought to life.

    Find instructions here. (And, yes, that is Katy Perry.)

    28. Favorite Starbucks Frapp

    Customize by order and go in a group of hot AND cold drinks!

    Find instructions here.

    29. Dolled-up Disney Style

    Apple and dwarves not included.

    Find instructions here.

    30. Cheetah Girls

    31. Snap, Crackle, Pop

    Make breakfast last all day.

    32. Paper Doll

    Cut-out any costume competition.

    Find instructions here.

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