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    21 Times Kim Kardashian's Maternity Style Had No Chill

    Let us reminisce and revel in the badassery.

    1. When she pulled off a latex dress for her burgeoning bump.

    2. When she played coy with a reverse peplum.

    3. When she was like fuck your grandma's couch.

    4. When she dared you to say something about the sheer awesome that was her baby bump.

    5. When she decided to rock a black & white ensemble and took the Shamu comparisons in stride.

    6. When she knew "less is more" didn't apply to her.

    7. When she was like,"Feet don't fail me now!"

    8. And her ankles were like, "All my life I had to fight."

    9. When she wore leather leggings with no fear of chafing.

    10. When she thought it would be fun to dress "normal" for a day.

    11. When she confirmed feathers and leather should be a style staple of pregnant women.

    12. When her dress was so tight you could see her baby's curves.

    13. When she brought her supernova style game to the red carpet.

    14. When she bedazzled her pre-baby boobs.

    15. When she boldly rocked white before her labor day.

    16. When she went all biker-mama chic for an afternoon lunch.

    17. When she decided to add volume by way of batwing sleeves.

    18. When she stole Kate Middleton's signature coat dress.

    19. When she finally gave up the heels but refused to cave on the cleavage.

    20. When she had her makeup artist contour her pregnancy face away.

    21. When she insisted on a cinched waist.

    You do you, Kim.