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21 Things That Happen When You Get The Kids Ready For School

Where is your other shoe?

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6. You see getting them dressed is going to be drama.

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If clothes were not picked out and agreed upon the night before a wardrobe struggle may ensue. They will reserve the right to change their minds even after they're already dressed.


9. Okay, they're dressed. Time for the most important meal of the day.

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In your dreams everyone gathers around for a good meal to start the day. In reality you hastily throw a pop tart in the toaster or cereal in a bag.

10. While you're in the kitchen you do double duty and make lunch as well.

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Wait, no one has a lunch! If you forgot the night before, now you have to make them and with your picky eaters this could take a while.

11. Inevitably someone will need to change their clothes.

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It could be you, it could be one of the kids. Too many moving parts combined with food prep and little hands means a back-up outfit is usually a good idea.


14. There comes a moment when you think you may lose your shit.


Nine times out of ten one or both of you will get irritated with your offspring. Be it they are moving too fast or not listening, you will huff and puff before you get in the car.


20. You realize you forgot something.

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If you're lucky enough to remember before you get too far you can always go back otherwise you might not recall until you're halfway to school that you left the soccer bag by the door.

21. You drop everyone at their final destination in one piece.

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Success! Everyone is at their assigned destination, you have on matching earrings and no one was hurt in the process!

Can't wait to do it all again tomorrow!