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    21 Questions Every Parent Has Asked Themselves

    How many have YOU asked today?

    1. Do I HAVE to get up now?

    2. I can sleep for a few more minutes right?

    3. Am I expected to deal with these tiny people when we are out of COFFEE?

    4. What is that smell? Is that coming from your butt?

    5. Is this how our day is going to go?

    6. That fall didn't cause permanent damage did it?

    7. Is that chocolate or is it poop?

    8. Will anyone notice if I start drinking now?

    9. Umm, did she REALLY just say that in front of the principal?

    10. Can I get a refund?

    11. Perhaps it's time to question my alter ego choices?

    12. How far can I take this in public before they call social services?

    13. How fast can I get out of this room without them waking up?

    14. Why do they want dinner every. single. night?

    15. We're watching this for the 12th time today?

    16. You want to be friends with them?

    17. How many more hours until bedtime?

    18. Is that going to require a trip to the hospital?

    19. Can anyone tell this shirt isn't clean?

    20. Should I get up or pretend I didn't hear that?

    21. Could I be any luckier?