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    19 Struggles Of Moms Who Love Gangster Rap

    When you're about that life, but you still have to drive the carpool.

    1. Getting in the car with you is always an adventure.

    2. And pulling into the drop-off circle is awkward.

    3. You often find yourself wondering: "Is it too early for a little DMX?"

    4. A Target run means deciding between East Coast or West Coast on the ride there.

    5. You can no longer listen to your favorite song from the '90s with your kids.

    6. You constantly have to rewrite lyrics to make them age-appropriate.

    7. You refuse to let anyone in the car change the station.

    8. You will "bust a move" at any given opportunity...

    9. ...because all your video watching has your dance skills on fleek.

    10. Sometimes your ringtone can be a little cringeworthy.

    11. You take the mantra "Wu-Tang is for the children" to heart.

    12. Your outward appearance does not match up with your inner gangster.

    13. You often finish other people's sentences with your favorite rap lyric.

    14. Your kids cringe about what comes out of your mouth.

    15. You think you look like this when you walk into PTA meetings with your "mom squad":

    16. When you really look like this:

    17. Karaoke night at Friday's is definitely your time to shine.

    18. You haven't let motherhood cramp your street cred.

    19. Once the kids go down for the night you can't help but say: