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    17 Times "Black-ish" Kept It Real

    This is NOT your 1990s family sitcom.

    1. When they flat-out discussed being "black-ish" (i.e. not black enough).

    2. When they kept it real about our nation's sordid history.

    3. While flawlessly tackling the topic of the "N word" head on.

    4. How they approached the topic of interracial dating without being discriminatory.

    5. When they discussed the importance of "code switching" and how it's affected their own lives.

    6. When they showed Dre getting pulled over for DWB (driving while black) and highlighted a very real issue for black men and black people in general.

    7. And stressed how the company you keep can reflect back on you.

    8. When they showed how Bow and Dre were able to come to an agreement on having a gun in the house.

    9. When they ventured into the world of black women, natural hair and the feelings that come along with choosing to go that route.

    10. And when they broke down the importance of celebrating "black holidays."

    11. When Bow was just trying to introduce new foods to her family and kept getting rebuffed.

    12. When they used Pop's heart trouble to bring up the topic of black men's health.

    13. When Junior's desire to fit in with his peers led to a discussion about cultural traditions.

    14. How despite their suburban surroundings they instill a sense of black pride in their kids.

    15. When Junior announced his desire to break from tradition and expressed interest in the Republican party.

    16. When they went to extreme efforts to make the kids understand some of their struggles growing up, and how they're able to live the life they do.

    17. When they reinforced the notion that black families (and communities) need to have each other's back no matter their personal differences.