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16 Reactions You Have After Taking A Pregnancy Test

From WTF to whoo-hoo!

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1. This can't be right. Can it?

Fox Searchlight Films / Via

2. Are my eyes playing tricks on me?

Def Jam / Via

3. Is this really happening?

Columbia Pictures / Via

Maybe I should take another one just to be sure.

4. Well, I'll be damned.

Walt Disney Studios / Via

5. How did I not see this coming?

Jive / Via

I know my period is three weeks late and all, but it's still such a shock.

6. There are no words.

NBC / Via

7. Where's the Kleenex?

NBC / Via

8. So, so, happy.

ABC / Via

9. Does saying it out loud make it real?

Universal Pictures / Via

I'm pregnant. I am PREG-NANT. Pregnant.

10. How am I going to tell my husband?

ABC Family / Via

Is it weird if I give him the test as a gift?

11. Am I supposed to make some kind of announcement?

E! / Via

How soon can I get this on social?

12. So. Many. Emotions.

NBC / Via

13. This is really real.

NBC / Via

There is a person growing inside of me. What. the. hell.

14. Just keep breathing, just keep breathing.

Comedy Central / Via

15. I need to tell someone!

Nickelodeon / Via

16. Let's celebrate!

NBC / Via

That registry isn't going to create itself.

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