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15 Places Everyone Must Eat In Aberystwyth

Because who hasn't dreamt of eating Welsh cheese beside the sea?

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1. The Ultracomida Delicatessen / Via

A stone’s throw from the Aberystwyth seafront is the Ultracomida Deli. Inside you’re greeted with bowls of olives, bottles of vinegar, focaccia, coffee, and oh-so-much cheese.

If not stopping by to pick up some fresh Spanish, French, or Welsh produce, you can walk through to the back, where a little tapas restaurant hides. This serves everything from classic patatas bravas and cured meats to the more exotic pulpo gallego (sliced octopus served on warm potatoes, drizzled with olive oil, Halen Môn salt, and paprika).

I'll take one of everything, please!

2. Little Italy

Instagram: @carysmitchellxo

It's impossible to walk down the North Parade in Aberystwyth without being drawn to the warm glow of Little Italy. It's an intimate restaurant that's full of romantic charm. The menu is brimming with Italian classics, but for pizza lovers the choice is obvious. Gaze into the piccante eyes of your cheesy bae over the flicker of soft candlelight.

3. Baravin

Instagram: @lo2zaay

Beneath peachy-coloured apartments and curving onto the Aberystwyth seafront is Baravin. Perhaps because of its prime location, perhaps because of its eclectic menu, this is *the* place to be in Aberystwyth. It's got a reputation as a super-trendy hotspot, which is reflected in the vibrant, sociable atmosphere.

Give Rob Rattray’s Minute Steak a go — it's locally sourced from Rob's butchers and deliciously tender.

4. Sophie's

Instagram: @chelseasmithh95

If you've just woken up in Aberystwyth (post pub crawl) with a head that feels like it might detonate at any minute, there's only one cure: a trip to Sophie's. Order the full English and don't look back.


5. Medina

Instagram: @imbrigita

If any restaurant can make a salad one of the most exciting choices on the menu, it's Medina. The beautifully fresh ingredients, fragrant flavours, and focus on simplicity makes the cuisine not only delicious, but also nourishing and refreshing.

P.S. Choosing a salad for lunch also means you should definitely go crazy on the dark-chocolate mousse cake with cream for afters. You've earned it.

6. MG's

MG's is a sweet little independent cafe that sources the majority of its produce locally, providing a taste of authentic Welshness.

Breakfast here is a particular favourite of mine, with simple offerings such as bagels and hot buttered crumpets that are just wonderfully comforting. The atmosphere is friendly and relaxed, with the added bonus of freshly prepared food and coffee that will satisfy even the snobbiest sippers. It's an ideal spot for bringing a book and disappearing for a while.

7. Iries

Instagram: @inkiqueen

Iries specialises in Caribbean cuisine. Each dish dances with tastebud-tingling flavour, while the service is friendly and the atmosphere inviting. The goat curry is especially recommended, served with Jamaican dumplings, rice 'n' peas, and flatbread with chilli and mango.

If you fancy a few drinks after your meal there's a lively cocktail bar downstairs where you can get your mojito on.

8. Pier Brasserie

Instagram: @becca_jamming94

If visiting Aberystwyth on a clear evening, the Pier Brasserie is the perfect place to eat. It's literally on top of the sea (though completely dry, of course), meaning you can tuck into a juicy gourmet burger while the sunset melts across the horizon.

P.S. There is also a sausage of the day. I repeat, a sausage of the day.


9. Le Casablanca

Instagram: @haraad

Fragrant, flavoursome, and a little bit feisty, Le Casablanca serves mouthwatering Moroccan cuisine. It's a family-run restaurant and this comes across in the welcoming ambience and comforting home-cooked feel to recipes. Opt for a traditional tagine and don't forget to BYOB.

10. Gannets Bistro Ltd

Instagram: @noabbiamowifi

Gannets Bistro is tucked away in an unassuming white building, identifiable through its strawberry and cream pinstriped canopy. The restaurant has a lovely homely feel, with traditionally cooked recipes and a friendly environment. Visiting feels a bit like stepping back in time to a place you once ate at when you were little. There's a nostalgic comfort that you can't quite pin down, but it tastes great.

Order a Sunday roast and aim for a window seat so you can people-watch.

11. Light of Asia

Instagram: @kiniamaciulko

Keep calm and curry on at Light of Asia, Aberystwyth's leading Indian restaurant. Whether you like a mild korma or a pants-on-fire vindaloo, each dish is a blend of fresh, authentic flavours that won't disappoint.

12. The Treehouse

Instagram: @jbarneys18

Ring ring. Ring ring. Hello? Organic food heaven calling.

The Treehouse has the amazing ability to fill you with delicious food, yet leave you feeling nourished and content after.

It uses organic ingredients inventively to create mighty meals, which in turn gives you a real appreciation of fresh, local ingredients. Vegetarians and vegans are especially looked after by The Treehouse's varied menu.


13. Gwesty Cymru Hotel & Restaurant

Instagram: @dburgess85

You know a restaurant must be spectacular if it prefaces its Welsh rarebit on toast with "magic". Welsh rarebit is already pretty darn magical, so you can only imagine how out-of-this-world-beyond-Hogwarts-magical this cheesy dream of a dish must be.

Gwesty Cymru is a five-star hotel with a restaurant that most definitely lives up to such a rating, using local sources to bring some of Wales' finest feasts to the table.

14. Y Ffarmers

Instagram: @owenrobs

Take a trip to Y Ffarmers on a sleepy Sunday for a roast. It's a family-run country pub about seven miles southeast of Aberystwyth, in the village of Llanfihangel y Creuddyn.

The menu is updated regularly, but to give you a taste of the diverse and delicious options available, the Sunday lunch menu currently includes a roast shoulder of Penlan pork with apple sauce, crackling, and cider & sage gravy, while for vegetarians there's a roast cashew nut, leek, and Welsh cheddar terrine with a sherry gravy. Mmmm.

15. Pysgoty

Instagram: @baldwinjunior

Continue along the South Promenade towards the harbour front and you'll reach Pysgoty. Fresh seafood dishes and panoramic views across Cardigan Bay make eating here a relaxed and yummy experience, with fish and shellfish that's been caught by Aberystwyth fishermen.

Pysgoty is closed for the winter but reopens from 1 March.