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The 18 Best Moments From "The Grand Tour" Season 2 So Far

This season is getting off to a strong start, unlike Richard Hammond in every challenge he's even undertaken.

1. When Clarkson, Hammond, and May begin Episode 1 by giving us a teaser for everything that's coming in Season 2...

2. Including this ridiculous tank that breaks through a wall.

3. Clarkson’s face when he realises he can’t drink at the Swiss detox center.

4. When Clarkson gets the Lambo stuck on the dirt goat path.

5. And then when he gets it stuck on narrow European streets.

6. And again…

7. ...ahem...

8. When Clarkson, Hammond, and May finally drag race the three supercars in a showdown of the past, the present, and the future.

9. When May and Clarkson eat real food for the first time in days.

10. When Hammond shows up for Episode 2 on crutches.

11. When we meet the Ford GT for the first time.

12. When James May proves to be the world’s worst carer for Hammond.

13. When Clarkson floors it in the GT for the first time.

14. When we all learn the revelation that James May dresses himself.

15. When we meet the new track driver.

16. When Clarkson is thwarted by a gas station pump.

17. When James shows incredible effort to get Hammond to the finish line of the race.

18. And, finally, when James May nearly pays the ultimate price in pursuit of the win.

Will Clarkson lose it in the detox centre? Will Hammond walk again? Will James May live to appear in another episode? Only one way to find out. New episodes of The Grand Tour are available only on Amazon Prime Video.