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15 Reasons You Should Be Excited About "The Grand Tour" Season 2 Trailer

They've taken the best parts from Season 1 and turbocharged them.

1. The show is bringing us to more gorgeous and exotic locations.

2. They've found new, grueling ways to test the hosts in addition to the vehicles.

3. And we've got plenty of driving challenges that are...ill-advised? Insane? ENTERTAINING!

4. Seriously, some of the new stunts are bordering on lunatic.

5. Clarkson, Hammond, and May have returned – and they're being their usual selves.

6. Clarkson is working very hard.

7. Hammond is doing what he does best: crashing.

8. And May? May is... Well, May is coping with each day as it comes.

9. This season, they've even challenged themselves to drive some crap cars.

10. There's also going to be plenty of senseless destruction...

11. ...pushing cars to their absolute limits...

12. ...and wheelies. There will definitely be wheelies.

13. We can also expect to see some of the latest and greatest supercars on earth.

14. Including what looks like the fastest and most powerful petrol production car of all time...

15. Not to mention things that are a bit more interesting than cars.

Three presenters. Dozens of challenges. And more fire, explosions, crashes, and terrified swearing than ever before. Tune in to Amazon Prime Video for Season 2 of The Grand Tour on 8 December 2017.

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