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14 Moments From "The Grand Tour" S2 That Are Simply Hysterical

And not like the way James May wets himself when he gets the car above 45mph.

1. When Jeremy Clarkson teaches his replacement driver how to act exactly like him.

2. When May proves himself to be the world's worst carer for Hammond...

3. ...on more than one occasion.

4. When Clarkson suits up for some extreme alp skiing...

5. ...and leaves us speechless.

6. When the doctor has a subtle message for May...

7. When Clarkson "jumps" his Subaru straight into a ditch.

8. When he drinks an entire bottle of white wine in a single glass.

9. And when he stumbles upon a couple dogging in the heavy fog.

10. When May's boat sends him for a swim in the frigid lake water.

11. Which gives us this incredible reaction from Clarkson.

12. When we witness the grandeur that is the world's first "Vehicle-to-vehicle Refueling Vehicle."

13. And lastly, when Clarkson destroys an entire airfield with a single jet engine.

14. As in: total, complete, angry-rebel-force-like destruction.

For more destruction, mayhem, and wine-drinking, watch The Grand Tour S2 only on Amazon Prime Video.

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