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The 18 Best Moments From Episode 1 Of "The Grand Tour"

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1. The trio being reunited:

2. Leading to *that* £3 million opening sequence everyone's been talking about:

3. Which saw the guys drive across the desert to arrive at "Burning Van":

4. Jeremy getting acquainted with the American audience:

5. ...and trying to teach them linguistics:

6. Which ended up completely fine:

7. Richard Hammond's moment of zen:

8. Jérôme d'Ambrosio's professional opinions:

9. The new track:

10. Which has a bunch of interesting new features:

11. This guy:

12. Jeremy Renner's short-lived cameo:

13. Finding out James May got a speeding 38 mph:

14. The drone incident:

15. The familiar miles-to-the-gallon argument:

16. And the also-familiar "my car's better than your car" argument:

17. Trying to figure out what's going on here:

18. And what possible excuse there could be for this:

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All images courtesy of Amazon.