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11 Uni Students That Absolutely Deserve A Medal

Celebrate the everyday heroes nailing the student experience.

1. This hero who has a need for speed and his dinner.

Spotted at uni, this is what it's like to not care what other people think.

2. This champ who knows that a hangover isn't an excuse to miss a lecture.

What being hungover in a lecture results to 😂😩 @tashdoherty95

3. And when it comes to multitasking, this student has nailed it.

4. These guys who take group work very seriously.

5. The author who made a passive aggressive note sound like an inspirational quote.

6. These guys who understand that three is a crowd, but four is a pool party.

7. And this medical student who has mastered the art of napping on the job.

8. This genius who isn't spending her student loan on overpriced hot drinks.

9. This final year student who has taken power naps to a new level.

10. And this legend who isn't afraid to think outside the box.

11. And finally whoever fuelled their late night library session with a pizza delivery.

So I'm in the library and someone ordered pizza and just got it delivered to them..why didn't I think of that 😂

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