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11 Uni Students That Absolutely Deserve A Medal

Celebrate the everyday heroes nailing the student experience.

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1. This hero who has a need for speed and his dinner.

Spotted at uni, this is what it's like to not care what other people think.

2. This champ who knows that a hangover isn't an excuse to miss a lecture.

What being hungover in a lecture results to 😂😩 @tashdoherty95

3. And when it comes to multitasking, this student has nailed it.

Instagram: @em_snelly

4. These guys who take group work very seriously.

Instagram: @rogers

5. The author who made a passive aggressive note sound like an inspirational quote.

Instagram: @stargayz

10. And this legend who isn't afraid to think outside the box.

Instagram: @teews_gnihton

11. And finally whoever fuelled their late night library session with a pizza delivery.

So I'm in the library and someone ordered pizza and just got it delivered to them..why didn't I think of that 😂

Additional imagery courtesy of ThinkStock.