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15 Things For Your Student Life You Didn't Realise You Needed

Be the best version of your student self.

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5. Not keen on doing the dishes?


Why bother cooking your full English with six pans when you can master it with the Master Pan? Quick relief to a killer hangover that only sausages and bacon can cure minus the washing up.

6. Losing precious studying hours trying to decide between Indian or pizza?


This handy keyring can take the burden off your shoulders by solving all of your food-inspired existential crises, while ALSO increasing your chances of getting a 1:1 by at least 33%*.

*Not scientifically proven.

7. Struggling to get up and ready in time for your 9am lecture?


This alarm clock will gently wake you up with your favourite scent so you'll always be up in time even after a night out at the students' union. Bonus points: It'll also mask the smell of your dirty laundry and whatever else is making your room stink.

8. Pulling your first all-nighter before an important deadline? Then don't risk it with a regular size mug...


Don't make the same mistakes a thousand students have done before you.

Never fall asleep in the library again with this jumbo coffee cup.

9. Realised the clubs at uni are a bit naff? Take the party into your own hands and cement your reputation of being a BNOC.


If you’ve already grown tired of listening to Drake remixes on repeat at da club, master the decks for yourself and start up your own club night.

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