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11 Student Food Hacks All Human Disasters Will Appreciate

The microwave is a student's greatest tool.

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1. Stick cold pizza in a waffle iron for a totally new way to eat leftovers.

Will pizza waffle? Yes, it certainly does. To make these, just cut off the crusts and fold the slices in half, before putting into your waffle iron.

2. Keep coffee ice cubes in the freezer, so you have a constant supply of iced coffee.

To make these, just freeze brewed coffee in an ice cube tray and pop a few into milk for a refreshing iced coffee, whenever you want.

4. Make a decadent peanut butter milkshake with absolutely zero cleanup.

Just put 350ml milk or milk substitute into a mason jar or a container with a lid, add in one tablespoon of smooth peanut butter, and secure the lid. Then just shake vigorously until smooth. If you have chocolate sauce, free free to add that in as well.

5. Upgrade your ramen by tossing in a few extra ingredients.

Adding a bit of soy sauce, peanut butter, and hot sauce to cooked instant ramen will turn your dinner from a broke student staple to a gourmet-quality meal in seconds.

6. Use store-bought brownie mix instead of waffle batter to make chocolate waffles.

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Rather than whipping up a batch of fresh waffle batter, just use store-bought brownie mix in your waffle iron instead. Just add the required water, eggs, and oil to your brownie mix then spoon it into the iron and let it cook for 10–15 minutes.

7. Make the tastiest BLTs ever by adding in a bacon lattice.


Rather than using one or two bacon strips, use a way more substantial bacon lattice instead. Make one using four to eight bacon strips (depending on how hungry you are), then place in the oven until cooked. Then just slide the lattice into your sandwich!

8. Treat yourself with a warm, no-bake chocolate chip cookie that's ready in just one minute.

Rather than waiting ages for things to bake, try out this one-minute cookie recipe that's made (perfectly) in the microwave. It's even quicker than nipping out to the shops to get one.

9. Fry eggs in pepper rings for a quick and easy one-pan breakfast.

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To make these, just heat up a pan with a bit of oil, add in a few pepper rings, and crack an egg into each one. Once cooked, cover in cheese or ketchup and dig in!

11. Whip up fancy French toast in the microwave to avoid the massive cleanup afterwards.

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All the deliciousness of French toast with less of the work. Find out how to make it here – and try experimenting with swapping out the chocolate chips for bananas, berries, or raisins.