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11 Student Food Hacks All Human Disasters Will Appreciate

The microwave is a student's greatest tool.

1. Stick cold pizza in a waffle iron for a totally new way to eat leftovers.

2. Keep coffee ice cubes in the freezer, so you have a constant supply of iced coffee.

3. Make tasty mac 'n' cheese from scratch using just a microwave.

4. Make a decadent peanut butter milkshake with absolutely zero cleanup.

5. Upgrade your ramen by tossing in a few extra ingredients.

6. Use store-bought brownie mix instead of waffle batter to make chocolate waffles.

7. Make the tastiest BLTs ever by adding in a bacon lattice.

8. Treat yourself with a warm, no-bake chocolate chip cookie that's ready in just one minute.

9. Fry eggs in pepper rings for a quick and easy one-pan breakfast.

10. Make a decadent, spicy hot chocolate using just a microwave.

11. Whip up fancy French toast in the microwave to avoid the massive cleanup afterwards.

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