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Literally Just 13 Hilarious Tweets That Sum Up Being A Student

The struggle is real.

1. When you realise textbooks aren't included in tuition fees:

I don't know what's hurting more, my arms from carrying my textbooks or my bank account for paying for them

2. On committing to anything for a free slice of pizza:

Went to the freshers fair for free food and ended up signing into the Royal Navy

3. On the struggle of actually attending lectures:

when im trying to take notes and the professor changes the PowerPoint slides hella fast

4. On kitting out your new flat:

When you & ur mates move to a new flat but didn't discuss who was bringing what first #uniproblems

5. And honing your culinary skills:

6. On circling the library until you find a plug:

Most of my steps today have been trying to find a space in the library with a plug.

7. When quantity > quality:

Tryna reach the word count on an essay like

8. Because eating directly from the saucepan means fewer dishes to leave in the sink, obviously:

*nature documentary narrator voice* Much like a dog, the college student eats all of its meals out of the same dish

9. On saving every penny, literally:

When the rent is due soon #uniproblems

10. And bonding with your flatmates:

I've finally recieved a passive agressive flatmate note, I'm surprised I lasted 5 months without one

11. On maintaining a balanced diet:

12. When dissertation: 1, you: 0...

me in the last few weeks of writing my dissertation

13. On questioning your life choices:

I got a job so I could afford to go to uni, to get a degree, to get a job, to pay for my degree. 🙄

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