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14 Things All Student Housemates Know To Be True

All hail the tower of rubbish in the kitchen.

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2. Before long, you'll have to start getting creative with what can double up as a vessel for food.

Eating cereal out of a pan because no bowls. Life is at an all time low

3. The cleaning rota will last approximately 12 days.

But top marks for creativity.

5. You'll have grandiose ideas about sitting down and enjoying the Sunday roasts you'll cook together.

8. The landlord-tenant relationship is all about hearing no evil and seeing no evil.

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Which means you pretend not to know about that stain you made on the carpet, and they pretend not to know about the radiator being on the fritz.

10. As well as the Jenga tower of rubbish.

Our bin is now taller than the fridge #binjenga #studentlife

12. A room isn't truly your room until some fairy lights have gone up in it.

Double bed n fairy lights, don't think a uni room can get much better #love

And friendship will only truly be cemented once you've made your first collage.