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Your Family Summed Up With Twisted Thriller GIFs

Completely dysfunctional families star in four unique, dark thrillers in Welcome To The Blumhouse. Check out Evil Eye, Black Box, The Lie, and Nocturne on Amazon Prime Video.

1. Your dad when the air conditioning is set below 78 degrees.

2. Your cousin who insists the whole family watch her sing with the community choir.

3. Your daughter who wants chocolate for dinner.

4. Your brother when he found out you make more money than him.

5. Your misbehaving nephew who was forced to be the ring bearer at your wedding.

6. Your grandma when you can't talk right now because you are at work.

7. Your religious mother-in-law who prays for you to clean the kitchen up to her standards.

8. Your sister every single time she is asked to do chores around the house.

9. Your uncle who drinks too much and sleeps in the baby’s crib.

10. Your sister eyeing your new jeans in your closet.

11. Your dedicated mom who does everything for everyone but nobody appreciates it.

12. Your enthusiastic aunt who is always trying to sell you her pyramid scheme makeup.

Check out your twisted fam in the Welcome to the Blumhouse trailer below, and watch Evil Eye, Black Box, The Lie, and Nocturne on Amazon Prime Video!

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All imagery is courtesy of Blumhouse and Amazon.