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11 Reasons Why "The Map Of Tiny Perfect Things" Is The Perfect Valentine's Day Movie

You won't need a compass to point to the fact that The Map of Tiny Perfect Things is the perfect V-Day film. Stream it today on Prime Video.

1. So, here's the thing: The Map of Tiny Perfect Things is a sci-fi, rom-com-fantasy film that just so happens to also be the perfect Valentine's Day viewing experience.

2. The film follows Margaret (Kathryn Newton) and Mark (Kyle Allen) as they navigate a world trapped within a time loop.

3. Though the two begin as an unlikely pair of friends, Mark and Margaret's (endless) time together inevitably draws the two closer.

4. And so, we as viewers are treated to longing stares exchanged between Ms. Newton and Mr. Allen...

5. Moody top-down shots enveloped in snow that are simply brimming with chemistry...

6. The film's titular "map of tiny perfect things," which Mark creates to commemorate the seemingly menial, but ultimately meaningful moments he shares with Margaret...

7. And, as time "goes on," even longing-er gazes. 😌

8. Of course, in between all the will-they-won't-they fun of the film, we also get to experience some vicarious time loop fantasies play out before us.

9. But at the end of the day (assuming one's day does, in fact, end), we're here for the romantic gestures shared between a pair blessed with the opportunity to experience limitless romantic gestures.

10. So yes, this film is sprinkled with science fiction and fantasy and suspense, but it's also chock-full of heart and compassion and a romance we can all imagine ourselves within.

11. And this is why you'll find us rushing through time and space to stream The Map of Tiny Perfect Things this V-Day and beyond.

Imagery courtesy of Prime Video

Grab your boo, your bestie, or perhaps just a box of chocolates and stream The Map of Tiny Perfect Things today.

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