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LGBTQ People, Tell Us Your Favorite Family Holiday Stories

Everyone has their own story and experience. We want to hear yours!

As Thanksgiving draws closer, it's easy to feel a plethora of emotions surrounding friends and family you're excited to connect with as well as those you're normally keen on avoiding.

Every member of the community has their own unique experience and, of course, their own personal definition of family.

So what happens when queer people are thrust onto the axis of both family and the holidays? Well, a lot — that's for sure.

Because no experience is the same, we want to hear from you.

Is there a particularly hilarious moment you've shared with family as a queer person?

How about a truly heartfelt moment? Or perhaps a time you felt supported in a moment of emotional uncertainty?

Whatever your experience or story is, we want to embrace it. And then share it!

Comment below with your own personal anecdotes as a queer person celebrating the holidays with family and friends.

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