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Here's How The Second Season Of "Modern Love" Is Actually Our 2021 Love Life

2021 is all about searching for human connection and manifesting the relationships you deserve. Soak in the love and catch the second season of Modern Love on Prime Video 8/13.

Maybe your love life is flourishing...maybe you're still searching for what love really is..

Either way, we can all use some extra lovin'.

We're talking about that real, authentic, human connection type of love we've all been craving.

Of course we enjoy seeing a new match pop up on our phone and going on candlelit dinner dates, but the love we're talking about transcends romantic love.

From self-love to friend love and familial love, we all have that urge to really get back out in the world and experience those lifelong connections.

It's exactly why Modern Love perfectly captures the true essence of our 2021 love life. The characters, authentic storylines, and representation of love are all a celebration of what we're truly yearning for.

Grab your BFF, your S.O. (if you have one), and a box of tissues — Modern Love premieres on Prime Video 8/13.

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