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Designers Find Their Brand Voice In Episode 9 Of "Making The Cut" As They're Challenged To Create Their Own Pop-Up Shop

Having Naomi Campbell buy clothes from your pop-up > Everything

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Warning: this post contains spoilers for episode 9 of "Making The Cut" on Amazon Prime.

If you're not watching Amazon Prime's exclusive new fashion competition show Making the Cut, definitely start!

We're here to recap everything that went down in Episode 9 — the last ep before the finale!

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It's down to the final three: Esther, Sander, and Jonny. Who's going to be the big winner and get a mentorship from Amazon Fashion, their own line, and $1 million to grow their brand? We're so close to finding out!

The designers' time in Tokyo has come to an end. They're now being sent home where they have one month create, design, and merchandise a pop-up shop that represents their brand *and* come up with a 12–14 look collection for a final fashion show. No big deal.

Jonny's briefly headed back home to LA, but then books it to Bali to get working on his collection, which will represent his ~metamorphosis~ from his previous label — Skingraft — to a self-titled label — Jonny Cota.

Sander's back in Antwerp, Belgium, where he's planning a pop-up experience with in-house tailoring — a unique personal touch he thinks will bring more traditional parts of fashion into the future.

Esther's home in Berlin planning a black rope–adorned art installation and pop-up that's just *so* her. She's stuck to her vision for the entire competition and ya know what? It's paid off!

The designers head back to where the competition began — New York — to oversee the construction of their pop-ups. But it's also revealed that after the pop-ups there will be an elimination. Only TWO contestants will have a final runway show in the finale.

Tim does a walk-through and has...some concerns. Aren't Esther's ropes a tripping hazard? Won't Jonny's vogueing dancers take up too much room?!

But nevertheless, the stores open and the public, judges, and Amazon Fashion execs flood in to check it all out and shop 'til they drop. Naomi and Heidi buy basically everything from everyone.

Just when we're ready to hear from the judges about who's moving on to the final runway show...the credits roll. That's right — it's a cliffhanger and we have to watch the finale to find out!

Stream Episode 10 of Making the Cut on Amazon Prime to see the final runway show and learn who wins $1 million to kickstart their own line!

And if you don't have an Amazon Prime account, you can sign up here.