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11 Ways To Know Your Bestie Is A Ride Or Die

If you've ever needed an example of what a true bestie looks like, be sure to tune in to Harlem on Amazon Prime Video on Dec. 3!

1. They love you even after your most embarrassing moments.

2. They let you know there's a sale going on at your favorite store.

3. They tell you when they feel like you could have handled a situation better.

4. They're at the store buying makeup and they pick up your favorite lip color because you had a bad day.

5. They let you know if your crush is talking to someone else.

6. They're mature enough to hold themselves accountable when they've done something wrong.

7. They know your coffee order.

8. They hang out with your family so much that your parents have unofficially adopted them.

9. They hang out with you during the entire girl's trip and still call to catch up once you get back home.

10. They celebrate your wins and support you through your losses.

11. They binge-watch Harlem with you!

Grab the snacks, find a cozy blanket, and invite your BFFs... It's time to celebrate your besties! Catch the premiere of Harlem on Amazon Prime Video, Dec. 3!

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