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11 Struggles Of Going To College But Living At Home

Three cheers for sleeping in our childhood beds!

1. Finding a parking spot near any of your classes.

2. Or having your professor completely cancel a class just as you arrive at school.

3. Coming to school with everything you own then realizing you left the only book you need at home.

4. Trying not to be the DD for everything.

5. Then trying to find a comfortable place in your car for a "between-class nap."

6. Getting all bundled up to commute through that crazy storm like:

7. Then having all your classes get canceled right in the middle of your journey.

8. Wanting to stay over in the dorms after studying all night, but your friend's roommate is awful.

9. Seeing your bank account after paying for gas, transit fair, and/or parking passes.

10. Then begging friends for meal swipes to get free lunch.

11. Waking up an hour before everyone else but still getting to class late.

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