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11 Problem-Solving Perks From Amazon Prime Student That’ll Help You Score Big In Life *And* On Your Finals

It’s basically like having your own personal assistant.

Hey, you! We know this time of year can be challenging (to say the least). You've got, some would say, TOO much to think about so that's why Amazon Prime Student is here to help make your life a little easier.

It's your saving grace for all things studying-, eating-, streaming-, relaxing-, *and* shopping-related. Sounds too good to be true, right? Wrong. When you sign up for Amazon Prime Student, you can get your paws on some pretty amazing perks — and you also get to try some of them out for FREE, for six whole months. And then after that, it's just $6.49/month, which, if you think about it, is the same price as a fancy coffee order.

Struggling with commitment issues? No sweat. You can cancel anytime.

OK, enough blabbing. We know you're only here for the good stuff. AKA perks, baby. So say hello to your new problem-solvers:

1. A superfast, free delivery service on *all* your essentials. Think: same-day delivery on T.P. and two-hour delivery on fruits and veg (aka brain food). All at the click of a button so you don't have to disrupt your studying groove.

2. A 24/7 study buddy that offers around-the-clock homework help through Course Hero so — hooray — no more scratching your head over tricky math problems. The first month is free and then after that, you'll get a monthly discounted subscription, which includes access to textbooks, practice tests, and tutors!

graphic that outlines the three-step process of signing up for Course Hero through Prime Student

3. An overflowing library of movies, docs, and bingeable shows with Prime Video so you never feel out of the loop on what's hot. Because you deserve to treat yourself to a study break with a classic flick or wind down with a captivating series every now and again.

4. Access to unlimited free delivery from Grubhub+ and exclusive perks that afford you the ability to try new cuisines or, y'know, order late-night za from your trusty, go-to spot. You were really good and cooked *all* week using your groceries delivered through Amazon Fresh, right? So now it's time to kick back with some well-deserved takeout.

graphic of the three-step process of signing up for Grubhub+ through signing up with Prime Student

5. A bank of 75 million bangers you can plug in to through Amazon Music Unlimited — perfect for drowning out your roommate's fifth video chat of the day. It's packed with podcasts and ad-free listening so you can tune in from wherever for just $0.99/month.

graphic showing all the Amazon Music features: unlimited access to 75 million songs; on-demand music, always ad-free; listen offline with unlimited skips; and millions of podcast episodes

6. A personal shopper service ideal for upgrading your threads from the comfort of your own home. No more scouring store floors for your size or trying things on in stuffy fitting rooms with unflattering lighting. All you have to do is answer a few simple Q's and you'll receive a specially curated collection based on your (very good) taste.

male and female models dressed in clothing from Amazon

With Prime Try Before You Buy, you can preview the chosen items selected by the in-house stylists and pick up to eight of your trendy favorites to actually try on at home. They're yours for seven days — with no upfront charge. Whatever you don't like, you just ship back in the resealable box using the prepaid label. How easy!

And you can snag great deals on college apparel essentials, like a two-piece, dorm room–approved lounge set that functions as both sleepwear and studywear.

model wearing the black heather set

7. Unlimited storage with Amazon Photos so you can snap allll the library selfies, reference pics for projects, and top-down shots of your finals week meals without fear of the dreaded "out of storage" pop-up, which always seems to appear at the most crucial moment.

8. An exclusive gaming service with Prime Gaming that'll help you enter an alternate universe and allow you to switch off from finals for a few blissful hours. Unlock instant access to tons of exclusive content for your favorite games, try your hand at a rotating collection of free PC games, or take a gander at your free Twitch channel subscription. I mean...what could be better?

the three featured games on Prime Gaming: "Apex Legends," "League of Legends: Wild Rift," and "Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit"

And amazing deals on accessories like a 12-in-1 bundle made for Nintendo Switch stans, featuring a carrying case designed to fit a complete system, adjustable Playstands, and steering wheels, so you have everything you need to game on the go.

the 12-piece bundle

9. A mobile library chock-full of bestselling titles through Kindle Unlimited to keep any bibliophile busy when they want to lose themselves in a good murder mystery. And you can switch between reading and audio with thousands of e-books with audible narration! So you can do the dishes while "rereading" your fantasy series for the 15th time.

10. A virtual travel agent in the form of 10% off already discounted flights with StudentUniverse. Booking your trip home just got so much easier and cheaper, since you'll get access to savings *and* premium customer care. Hello, jet-setter!

graphic of the three-step process of signing up for StudentUniverse by signing up with Prime Student

11. And a relaxing app you can delve into anytime you're feeling a you say...overwhelmed. With three months free of the Calm app, you can unlock guided meditations, breathing exercises, and soothing sleep stories narrated by famous actors and celebs to reset and clear your foggy mind.

Now you can stay on top of life *and* your finals, thanks to Amazon Prime Student. And remember, the first 6 months are free and then only $6.49/month after! Now go get 'em. You got this!