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How To Make The Most Of Your Last Summer Before College

We asked people to give advice on how to have the best summer possible before you start college. Enjoy! And make sure you're ready for first semester with Amazon Prime Student.

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"The last summer before I went away for college, I worked at a mini golf course. It was a fun way to make some cash for spending $$ before leaving for school. Naturally that spending $$ was gone in about a week 'cause I pretty much made minimum wage, but it taught me to manage my time... Work hard/party hard, and so on."


"I told my parents I was going to young life camp and planned a trip to a music festival instead. They found out because I'd printed out a bunch of information, crossed out the name of the festival, and written 'Young Life' instead. Fortunately, they didn't care! Long live adulthood."


5. Try to figure out what you like in life.

You'll learn a lot about who you are when you get to college, and you can be whoever you want to be. But it helps to decide what you're really into before you get there so you know where to start.

"My four high school friends and I were super close, but none of us were going to the same college. Just before we graduated, I planned a scavenger hunt that took us around to all our favorite spots. I hid rhyming clues all over our hometown, and the last one took us to our favorite teacher's house for dinner, which I'd preplanned. We took photos in each location, which gave us a bunch of good memories to take with us when we all went our separate ways. :)"


7. Read as much as you can.

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A summer streaming TV and movies is definitely chill, but your brain will thank you if you get into a regular reading routine now and your brain isn't total mush once the semester starts. Catch up on the classics!

8. Or trick your brain into learning things without actually studying.

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If you want to get a head start on all the intense learning you're going to be doing once you start the semester, why not spend the summer learning about things that really interest you? There are plenty of free tutorials online and apps — try learning a language or just watch a whole lot of talks about a topic that interests you.

"I studied abroad in Japan before I went to college. Meeting new people at freshman orientation was a piece of cake because I could make small talk in English instead of my mangled elementary Japanese."


"I went to college in a major city but grew up in the country. Knowing I wouldn't have access to great outdoor spaces for a while, my friends and I spent most of the summer hiking in gorges, swimming in waterfalls, and playing on the playgrounds we played on as children. It was kind of a weird juxtaposition, knowing we would never have this much freedom as an adult ever again and never get to be children again either."


10. And make sure you've got everything you'll need to sail smoothly into first semester.! / Via

Don't fall victim to the last-minute rush. Think about dorm room decor, easy recipes, textbooks, and anything you need to pack. The more you do now, the easier life will be once you get there!

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