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Create Time For Yourself With This DIY Privacy Canopy

Escape into a new world!

What You Need

1 King-size sheet

2 zip ties

2 4-foot pieces of twine, 1 4-inch piece of twine

Hula hoop

Box cutter


1. Find the top of the king sheet and on the interior side of the sheet, cut an opening at each end of the top fold. Make a smaller cut ½ inch in from the first cut on both sides. These small cuts will later be used to connect the sheet.

2. Fold the sheet in half 3 times, make a 1-inch cut at the top of the folds, creating 4 openings along the top of the sheet.

3. Use a box cutter to make two small holes 1 inch apart on the hula hoop. Slice the hoop between the holes.

4. Using the 2 large openings created on the ends of the sheet, thread the sheet along the hula hoop.

5. Reconnect the hula hoop with a zip tie through the 2 holes made with the box cutter.

6. Connect the sheet by threading the 4-inch piece of twine through the two smaller holes on the sheet.

7. Lay the large pieces of twine in an “X” shape across the hula hoop. Insert the ends of the twine through the 4 cuts made in the sheet and tie them around the hula hoop.

8. Use the other zip tie to make a loop where the two pieces of twine intersect. Use this loop to hang the canopy on a ceiling hook.

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