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21 Useful Things That’ll Make Next Semester So Much Better

New term, new you. With fast and free two-day shipping, the only things that will get here faster than next semester are your Amazon Prime Student packages.

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With the next semester quickly approaching, here are some extremely useful things that just might save your college soul:

6. You don't have to stop at your desk either. These sushi push pins will help you get your IRL Pinterest boards together.

It may look delicious, but try to not eat it when you're running on no sleep during midterms.

Price: $8.60

7. There's no way you could possibly be lazy when all your papers are kept together with these sloth paperclips.

You'll inevitably find yourself napping in all the above positions, so it's really just a perfect fit.

Price: $11.99

14. You won't go thirsty ever again during those long stretches on campus with this 40 oz stainless steel bottle.

The temperature in your lecture hall may always change, but at least this bottle will keep your cold liquids cold and your hot liquids hot.

Price: $19.32

21. Having roommate troubles? Get yourself one who never talks back and is just generally really helpful: Amazon Echo Dot.

And Alexa won't leave you passive aggressive notes about your dirty clothes piles, so there's that.

Price: $49.99

New semester, new you. With fast and free two-day shipping, you'll be your best self this term thanks to Amazon Prime Student!

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