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24 Amazon Products That Will Save Any College Student's Life

Get any of these lifesavers fast with Amazon Prime Student.

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With fall term just around the corner, here's some cool stuff that just might save your poor college soul:

3. You can snack with reckless abandon while doing homework thanks to this cute mini–desk vac.

Nobody will ever know about your excessive pre-cooked ramen crumbs when you return your textbooks at the end of term.

Price: $10.99

16. Try these micro rope lights as an alternative to the oppressive overhead fluorescents that plague your life.

Big bright lightbulbs are for IDEAS, not relaxing after class. These dinky dim lights are for relaxing.

Price: $9.49

20. Keep your stuff organized every term with these reusable chalkboard labels.

Relabel that binder you want to keep for another class, or relabel that friend who turned out to be a sock thief... You do you.

Price: $9.95

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