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24 Amazon Products That Will Save Any College Student's Life

Get any of these lifesavers fast with Amazon Prime Student.

With fall term just around the corner, here's some cool stuff that just might save your poor college soul:

1. Start off by treating yourself to two pounds of Nutella.

2. Your late-night study snacks could be so much s'more with this microwaveable s'mores maker.

3. You can snack with reckless abandon while doing homework thanks to this cute mini–desk vac.

4. Pair it with this nifty pour-over coffee dripper to keep that party going.

5. Keep your valuables safe with this high-security "book."

6. You can have the perfect study environment anywhere you go with these noise-canceling headphones.

7. Breathe easier with this USB-charged oil diffuser.

8. Be the hero your study party needs with this cordless electric kettle.

9. Never go hungry again with this 36-pack of instant ramen.

10. Decorate your wall with old memories or helpful reminders with this easy mount photo display.

11. Never fall asleep in your 4 p.m. lecture again with this travel mug's built-in tea strainer.

12. Make and take a smoothie on the go with this handy travel-ready blender.

13. This water-resistant, dust-proof speaker you couldn't break if you tried.

14. Keep your phone or tablet fully charged with this portable power bank.

15. Sure, your life may seem like a mess, but your clothes don't have to be thanks to this mini–travel steam iron.

16. Try these micro rope lights as an alternative to the oppressive overhead fluorescents that plague your life.

17. Not enough outlets? No need to worry with this travel power strip USB charger combo.

18. Make your late-night rides around campus lit with these bike frame LED lights.

19. Customize and keep your computer free of s'mores crumbs with this adorable keyboard cover.

20. Keep your stuff organized every term with these reusable chalkboard labels.

21. Your shoes don't have to smell like you've been walking around campus all day with these natural shoe deodorizers.

Because your socks don't have to smell like dirty socks.

Price: $9.97

22. This crankable solar flashlight for those late-night walks on campus.

23. These industrial-grade ear plugs for when you need the sound of silence.

24. A portable pillow you can use for naps between classes.

You guys: Amazon Prime Student gets you FREE two-day shipping on any/all of the college gear you need + textbooks + Nutella. DID YOU SEE THAT? NUTELLA. What are you waiting for?