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18 Affordable Amazon Products That'll Save Any Freshman's First Term

This isn't the most glamorous list, but you'll thank us later.

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3. Late for class? Throw on your favorite high-energy song and these bluetooth headphones to get there before it ends.

5. You're gonna have to get used to eating on the go. This 32-count box of Pop-Tarts will help ease you into it.

6. And for when you need to clean all those Pop-Tart crumbs off your desk, this mini dust pan and broom will help you tidy up.

8. You may barely be holding it together, but this stapler kit will have no trouble holding your papers together.

12. You're gonna be heading home from study sessions at all hours of the night. Stay safe with this key-ring pepper spray.

16. Keep your cool and stay positive during midterms and finals week by playing with these mix-and-match word magnets.


At least you'll have something nice to look at when you make the 43rd trip to your mini fridge that night — for only $8.95.

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