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18 Affordable Amazon Products That'll Save Any Freshman's First Term

This isn't the most glamorous list, but you'll thank us later.

1. This super-positive notebook will keep you motivated when times get tough.

2. Fidget spinners were cool when you were in high school. Now that you've graduated, try a fidget controller.

3. Late for class? Throw on your favorite high-energy song and these bluetooth headphones to get there before it ends.

4. Sleep is precious. You can get as much as you want, anywhere you want, with this hooded travel pillow.

5. You're gonna have to get used to eating on the go. This 32-count box of Pop-Tarts will help ease you into it.

6. And for when you need to clean all those Pop-Tart crumbs off your desk, this mini dust pan and broom will help you tidy up.

7. Get to know who you can and can't trust in your study group with this party game.

8. You may barely be holding it together, but this stapler kit will have no trouble holding your papers together.

9. You'll smile every time the professor says, "Open your textbooks to page..." thanks to these super cute sticky notes.

10. Don't let your thirst for knowledge get in the way of your actual thirst with this 1L water bottle.

11. Sorry — you're going to get sick. But this cold and flu tea will totally motivate you to get better.

12. You're gonna be heading home from study sessions at all hours of the night. Stay safe with this key-ring pepper spray.

13. Decorate your room with pictures thanks to these clips that'll remind you of the pets you left back home.

14. Who knows where or even IF you'll be sleeping during finals week. This dry-shampoo three-pack will keep you clean.

15. Pair that dry shampoo with this air-purifying bag, in case your roommate hasn't showered in weeks either.

16. Keep your cool and stay positive during midterms and finals week by playing with these mix-and-match word magnets.

17. When you do actually get to sleep, these earplugs will ensure it's peaceful and quiet.

18. Because your schedule is hectic enough as it is, let this laundry bag remind you to keep your clothes clean.

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