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18 Problems You Could Only Have In The '80s

Sup, dweeb! Think you've got problems in 2015? As if!

1. Not being able to get your mullet looking just right.

What a major bummer!

2. Getting a busy signal when you call your best friend.

"Who are you talking to? Are they more important than me? Is it BECKY? WHAT'S SO GREAT ABOUT BECKY, ANYWAY?"

3. Being incapable of getting your bangs the right length. / Via

Brad will NEVER ask you to the arcade now!

4. Struggling to get your glamour shot look nailed down.

No amount of soft lighting or laser backgrounds can save you, tbh.

5. Running out of hair spray.

"Maybe nobody will notice if I just mess it up a little bit."

6. Your tape deck eating your favorite jams and not having a pencil.


Because wearing your sunglasses at night without a bitchin' soundtrack is so not boss.

7. Not being able to get neon colors to work on you.

They looked so choice on Britt, Tiff, and Crystal -- WHAT DO THEY HAVE THAT YOU DON'T?

8. Your jazzercise tape being viewed so many times it's wearing out the VCR.

But WHERE is the CLEANING CASSETTE? Probably in a box somewhere in the garage under a pile of blankets.

9. Ruining the washer trying to acid-wash your jeans. / Via

Nothing primo ever happens to you.

10. Failing to find your favorite cartoon because the TV Guide is wrong.

There's only one thing left to do.

11. Not getting through to the radio station for free concert tickets.

SO totally spazzing right now.

12. Nobody showing up to your LaserDisc movie night.

You've got 'za. You've got brewskis. Who needs friends? Your old pal LaserDisc is the only companion you need.

13. The cool jock at your high school making fun of you from his fancy sports car.

How could someone with such a dreamy bod be so cruel?

14. Your mom not letting you crop your T-shirt like all your friends.


"No DUH it will ruin the shirt MOM, that's how it's supposed to look. Geez, take a chill pill. UGH."

15. Stressing about the Iran-Contra affair. / Via

Tasty waves = tubular!

The Iran-Contra affair = not so tubular!

16. Your handheld video game console running out of batteries on the last level.



17. Not looking good in spandex.

Not everyone is destined to be a bodacious babe.

18. Forgetting to rewind that video you wanted to watch and having to wait five whole minutes.

You'll never get those five minutes back. Ever.

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