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9 Funny People Look On The Bright Side Of The "Worst" Situations

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We challenged nine funny people from the BuzzFeed Creative Department to look on the bright side of 10 seemingly horrible situations. This is what they came up with.

Meet your "bright siders":

Casey, Jen, Hannah, Chris, Ari, Emily, Kim, Dan, and Clark.

Casey: There's a chance the other person is your soulmate.

Jen: Someone just kissed your ass, basically.

Chris: Wow, your bumper worked! Man, can you even believe the technology we've managed to come up with?! What a time!

Ari: At least you're not the woman in the picture, who caused this accident with her mind.

Ari: Look, you've been putting off getting a new mattress, clothes, furniture, linens, books, and possessions. Now's a great time to treat yo' self.

Casey: You can say "This is where the magic happens..." and then follow it up with "...and by magic, I mean bed bugs poop and have sex with each other while I'm still sleeping alone."

Chris: Volunteer to donate blood?! No thanks, you're already raising thousands of families on it!

Jen: It's REALLY fun to be able to hate someone unabashedly.

Kim: You love ice cream. This is a great excuse to eat ice cream.

Hannah: You have a built-in excuse for pretty much anything: "Can't help you move this weekend, my heart is broken," "Can't go to work, I got dumped :/," "Can't pay rent, no one loves me," etc. Score.

Chris: They knew you were already having a thing with pizza anyway! Time to recommit to your #1 all-time bae. Like Johnnie Cochran always said, "If the love don't fit, pizza was it...the whole time."

Ari: A toilet doesn't get mad at you for hugging it.

Emily: You noticed a spot behind the toilet bend that needs cleaning — never would have seen that if you weren't curled, prone around the toilet.

Hannah: Your face might be green, but you look soooo skinny. SWIMSUIT PICS.

Chris: It's like getting all the food allergy advice you'd have to pay an arm and a leg for at a dietician and an allergist...but for free!

Emily: People pay professionals hundreds of dollars to declutter their homes, and this kind gentleman did it for free.

Hannah: They probably needed what they took. It's basically charity. I smell a write-off!

Clark: LOL, joke is on them — you stole that stuff from your ex when you moved out. Thanks for removing the baggage.

Dan: You've been meaning to have people over, but no one wants to travel to your place — this dude is basically your best friend. Too bad he couldn't stay longer.

Jen: Work sucks, you guys.

Ari: Out of excuses not to write that novel.

Chris: Work?! More like working on some new one-liners, am I right? I am not, working is great, don't get fired, and please no one fire me.

Emily: More like a no-expense paid, 24/7, pants-off VACATION!

Ari: Think of all you spend on dog food.

Casey: You didn't have to White Fang him.

Kim: Your pet is out there starring in their own version of Homeward Bound.

Clark: He'll come back; he always does. Nobody west of the Mississippi gives a belly rub like you.

Jen: Your plumbing may fail, but your heart will survive.

Chris: At least it's yours and not in public! Gah, there is nothing good about either public bathrooms OR breaking a public bathroom. It's like trying to start a recycled mouthwash trend or something equally horrifying.

Clark: LOL, now you can just pee on the floor — this is sweet!

Kim: This is your chance to start anew!

Emily: Your banker is really nice. You've been wanting to spend more time with your banker.

Jen: Someone actually wants to be you!

Hannah: Pitch as a new reality show. Just adopt a bunch of cute dogs/bring in a ton of kids and send it to the networks. DONE.

Emily: Literally thank your lucky stars that you could afford to even buy a home. Who are you, a Vanderbilt?

Chris: Guess whose DIY blog is about to start ~poppin'~?! I hope you guessed you, because it's you. But also consider how your resale value's about to pop off even more than your blog. Consider it!!!

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