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13 Mind-Blowing Gifts From Amazon That Are Sure To Wow Your Friends And Family

Still haven't finished your holiday shopping? Don't sweat it — Amazon Launchpad has you covered.

1. For the stylista, this über-chic grown-up backpack:

From the reviews: "It is very good looking and holds everything I need including my laptop, cords, paperwork, phone etc. The Wristlet is genius — it holds id, cash, lip gloss, credit cards etc without having to bring an additional purse on the plane. It looks good too."

Get it here.

2. For the coffee-conscious friend, this travel coffee press:

From the reviews: "Great coffee press/ travel mug. I got this for my fiance for his commute to work. At the time he was traveling a lot as well. We have sinced used while camping, for tea, hiking and even at home when we just want one cup of coffee. Love it!"

Get it here.

3. For your very serious beer drinker, this pressurized beer growler:

From the reviews: "This thing is a work of art. Looks awesome, technical, functional, etc. Sight glass and pressure gauge are awesome elements. Regulator cap is worth the price. And the entire thing can be disassembled, overhauled, reassembled by following a whole bunch of maintenance videos on their site. Very, very well thought out and designed."

Get it here.

4. For the security-conscious, this affordable security camera:

From the reviews: "The picture is great, the sound is clear, and we enjoy scaring the kids by talking to them through it. The movement notifications are working great, the night vision works well, the video delay is not unreasonable. I've been so happy with this we are thinking of getting at least one more as well as recommending it to other family members."

Get it here.

5. For your favorite Star Wars fan, this levitating Death Star speaker:

From the reviews: "This was a gift for a Star Wars fan. Definitely had the 'wow' factor. Good quality and sound."

Get it here.

6. For your favorite kid (or grown-up) on the go, this fold-up propulsion scooter:

From the reviews: "My family really loves this new toy!! I love that it folds away for easy storage or taking it with us in the car to grandma's. :) Don't hesitate to buy this. It really is a terrific ride on toy."

Get it here.

7. For your slow internet–suffering parents, this home wifi system:

From the reviews: "It's almost miraculous, seriously. We're getting download speeds in the 80's–90's throughout the entire house. I did a speedtest this morning out on the deck, and I got 89.11 down and 13,79 up. This was money well spent! I'd give 10 stars if I could. Total game changer!!!"

Get it here.

8. For your fitness enthusiast friend, these wrist weights:

From the reviews: "These are the best wrist weights I have ever used, and I have tried many on the market! They are waterproof so I wear them in the pool doing laps and they still look brand new."

Get it here.

9. For the new pet parent in your life, this Alexa-compatible pet camera:

From the reviews: "I love it! It's so sleek and small, and the wide angle of the lens gives great coverage! The image is beautiful, and is still impressive in the dark. I got this to help the eldest of my three kitty boys, as our recent move has him a little out of sorts when I am away at work. So far, all three seem to get a kick out of it."

Get it here.

10. For your game-obsessed friend, this wildly popular card game:

From the reviews: "It is the perfect game for a wide range of ages and keeps everyone laughing. The pictures are funny and done beautifully. The only regret I have is not buying it sooner."

Get it here.

11. For the aspiring documentarian, this wearable camera:

From the reviews: "I left it on all day while at a conference, and at the end of the day, I had an awesome time-lapse video my readers loved. I also used a few of the pics on their own because they were candid shots I'd never think to take manually. Very good app as well."

Get it here.

12. For the ultra athlete, these sweat-proof, wireless earbuds:

From the reviews: "Like how everything rolls up into a pretty small carrying case. Works good. Love not having to wear a separate heart rate strap — such a pain. Sensors built into headphones. Great idea."

Get them here.

13. This adhesive that turns any surface into a writing space.

From the reviews: "Absolutely love it! For me it replaced my old bulletin board in which when I had ideas, or notes I needed to keep track of, or a to do list which I'd tack up and waste paper. Now I have my think board stuck to the wall above my desk to write whatever notes, reminders, and strokes of genius I need to get down in order to see and keep track of every day. And when I accomplish them it's an easy erase without the waste of paper."

Get it here.

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