12 Things We “Learned” In School That We Never Use

“It will be useful” they said. Yeah, right. At least now when we actually NEED to learn something, we can just pull up an educational app on our tablet and learn without having to suffer through high school again.

1. That chapter on photosynthesis.

This is your brain trying to remember all the details.

2. The difference between the Right-hand Rule and the Left-hand Rule.

This is a world in which thumbs-up no longer means good job. Screw physics, I’m out.

3. When Train A will catch up to Train B.

@biitchcore / Via Twitter: @biitchcore

On the rare occasion you actually need to figure this out, you can always just re-learn your algebra.

4. How to write in cursive.

You can’t text in cursive, so what’s the point?

5. How to diagram a sentence.

@im_Katiie / Via Twitter: @Im_Katiie

This person speaks for all of us.

6. The Canterbury Tales.

More like The Canterbury FAILS, amirite?

7. The difference between a cirrus cloud and a cumulonimbus cloud.

tl;dr: cloud = rain. If you really need to know more, save yourself the trouble with this neat app.

8. That centrifugal force isn’t actually a force.

But it’s still a thing that exists. It’s just not a force. Please end this madness.

9. The Preamble to the United States Constitution.

CBS Television Distribution / Via trapevoid.tumblr.com

This is a good one to whip out at cocktail parties. Not.

10. How to prove that congruent triangles A and B are congruent.

Tautology is tautological. But if you ever do need to brush up on your geometry (or any other subject), go right ahead.

11. How to use a protractor.

And by that we mean, how to draw perfect circles and nothing else.

12. Anything from high school chemistry.

Expectation: blow stuff up!

Reality: memorizing the periodic table (which you can still do if you ever have the inclination)!

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