10 Signs You Might Actually Be An Adult

The path to adulthood is riddled with challenges. But once you conquer these, you will truly be an “adult.” No one has to know that you got help from a few nifty apps on your tablet either…

1. You no longer ask Mom or Dad for money.

Gotta cut the cord eventually!

2. Which means you get a job. Any job.

Whatever it takes to get by. Worry about pursuing your dreams while you have income.

3. Free food no longer influences how you behave in public.

That’s right. You are a CLASS ACT. Finally.

4. In fact, you actually stock your fridge with things other than pizza!

Not to hate on pizza, but it’s time you diversified a bit. Know what’s in your fridge when you go shopping with this useful app.

5. And you’ve figured out how to cook for yourself.

Trial and error my friend, trial and error. You’ll eventually nail down a routine and be able to plan meals in advance.

6. You pay all the bills before you even THINK about shopping.

Even if you’re only good about the rent due to a crazy landlord… it still counts as being responsible. Track your bills and accounts in one place so you don’t get lost!

7. You use your credit card to actually BUILD credit.

Strange concept, right?

8. You’ve learned how to say “NO” when your friends try to get you to go out on a weeknight.

It helps if you have your own place. Hopefully you have your own place.

9. You understand that your car needs regular maintenance, or else.

It’s kind of like how adults look at exercise: It’s just preventative maintenance.

10. You’ve come to terms with the fact that your metabolism will not last forever.

You’ve at least attempted an active lifestyle, right? At the very least, keep an eye on your calories.

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