10 Incredible Signs That The Future Is Now

Look around you. We live in an age of science fiction, where you can access infinite information from something as small as a tablet. The future is yours, so embrace it!

1. We no longer clean our own homes. No, we have robots take care of that for us.

However, the animal kingdom is not so quick to submit to our robot overlords.

2. We control beams of intense and focused light particles to annoy our cats.

This is Space. Age. Technology. That we misuse at every chance we get.

3. Check your pocket. There’s a good chance you have a tiny yet powerful computer in there.

Phones, tablets… either way, you still harness more processing power than NASA’s computers did during the Apollo era.

4. And what’s more, humans everywhere can instantly see one another through these tiny pocket-sized computers!

This doesn’t mean the things we have to say are incredibly intelligent though.

5. We now have the power to pull musical melodies out of thin air on a whim.

Streaming music FTW.

6. We have remote-control cars. ON MARS.

Take a second to process that right now.

7. We now have winged robots at our beck and call.

Do you see this? This drone is balancing a glass of water as if it’s not even a thing! Soon you’ll even be able to have an Amazon drone deliver your packages.

8. When travelling, you can summon a robot lady voice to help you find your way.

Or a man’s voice, if that better suits your style. In this day and age, you get to CHOOSE!

9. Man has created this alien substance that you can literally use to fix just about anything.

See it for yourself. It’s alien, we tell you!

10. Humans now have the time and resources to take vacations to exotic locales. Like space.

Yep, commercial flights are starting to be offered to outer space. Bon voyage!

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